How Do I Keep Snakes Away from My Campsite

A traveler can’t keep the snakes away from the campsite when most of the time they sleep outdoor instead of their bedroom. There is no doubt that every traveler has a strong heart to bear snakes in the wildest locations where they stay in the camps.

But wait, nobody should stop their passion for traveling due to the snake’s phobia. Although it’s a significant fear that exists in every body-mind, there are several things that a traveler can adapt in their camping life to keep the snakes quickly away from them.

For that reason, we have created this article where you can quickly learn about the list of ways that could easily help you keep the snakes away from the campsite. So, let’s begin talking about them in detail.

Ways to Keep the Snakes away from the Camp Site:

Choose a Safe Location:

You are about to spend the whole night or nights in the wildest location. Therefore, it would be possible that the surrounding areas have the existence of dangerous snakes. However, there is no need to scare them as the wildest places tend to be the snake’s home.

You have entered their territory and disturbed them with their existence. Hence, they would try to do anything that could harm you and insist you leave the place.

Remember, you should never try to set up the campsite in the places where you see rock piles or out corps. These are the two most important places where most of the snakes make their home or rest places. Therefore, their existence would be evident to such locations.

Apart from that, try not to set up the camping location near to the water resources. Why? Because snakes also used to hide over there in search of food.

Always go with a location that has a considerable amount of void space available for you. In simple words, try to choose the location where you will not see any rock or water that closely.

Also, make sure that the surface doesn’t have a lot of grass in the same location. Because it also gives the Snakes a reason to hide and be ready for the attacks.

Never Throw the Food Wastage near to the Camp:

One of the biggest mistakes a traveler makes is that they don’t even care about the waste food and throws it nearly to the campsite without any reason. In general, it’s an invitation for the Snakes to come near to you. Why? Because the waste food will attract the pesticides and insects to come closer and eat it.

Also, it attracts the Snakes to come to the campsite where many insects or pesticides are available to eat the leftover food. When the snake comes to them, they will get the idea of your existence and attack you.

Therefore, it’s essential for you to never fill the surroundings of the campsite with garbage. Instead of that, try to store the leftover food properly. So that the bugs or insects wouldn’t come to eat it, the snakes will also not come near it.

While in Camps, Make Noise:

Whether you find it funny or not, noise can help you keep the snakes away from the campsite. Why? Because snakes have nothing to do with humans. They have more fear of humans compared to humans.

Snakes only attack humans because of the fear that goes around in their minds. Therefore, you could see that snakes attack a human when they suddenly see them most of the time.

Therefore, you can make continuous noises while staying at the camp to ensure that the snakes won’t come near you. In this regard, you can do whatever works best for you to make the noises. For example, you can play games, guitar, or make conversation to create noise that can pretty much give the idea to snake that they should not come near to you.

Bring Along the Things That Snakes Don’t Like:

Snakes have one strong point that it smells or feel anything from a longer distance. Therefore, you could make that strong point into a weak point by bringing along some that they hate to smell. Yes, there are few eatable things that snakes don’t like to smell and try to go away from it.

The list of Things is Cinnamon, Cloves, Onions, Lime, Garlic, and smoke. These things aren’t hard for you to carry along as they can insist the snakes go away from the campsite. If you don’t have any of the things, then you can make a bonfire near to the campsite and leave it overnight, so its smoke can resist the closeness of snakes.

Do Personal Care:

You can do many things to keep the Snakes away, but all these things don’t affect or stop the insects or bugs from coming closer to you. Usually, the insects come near to the things that are sweaty or have to heat. If we talk about our bodies, so it has both of the things.

On the other hand, Insects or bugs also attract smell; therefore, carrying along a scent or body spray can also give them the invitation.

As you invite the insects to come closer, the insects are surely inviting the snakes to come closer to them. So, in that case, chances are higher that the snakes will come closer to the campsite.

Hence, you have to make sure that the body doesn’t sweat a lot and remains cool. At the same time, bring the deodorants and soaps that are unscented. So that the insects won’t come closer to you, and the snakes would also not get any reasons to come closer.

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Check Out the Tent Every Time:

Whether you are staying in the day or nighttime, make sure to check out the tent properly either you get inside or go outside of it. If you don’t give that importance, the chances are higher for the snakes to attack you by fear.

When you are leaving the campsite for some activities for an hour or two, ensure the zip-out everything properly so it won’t make any space for the snakes to step in.

After coming back to the activity on the campsite, make sure to check the campsite’s surroundings and carefully check the close sides of the camps and inside the camp area to ensure there is no snake available.


What Smell Do Snakes Hate?

The smell of Lime, Garlic, Onions, Cloves, cinnamon, and Smoke insists the snake stay away. If you want them not to come near to you, then you should use them.

At Is the Best Snake Repellent?

In the market, you would see tons of repellents available to prevent the snakes from coming near you. However, the experts suggest using cinnamon and clove oil as it’s the best and most effective repellent. Meanwhile, it’s environmentally friendly for you as well.

How Do You Snake-Proof a Tent?

First of all, fill up all of the holes in a camp. After that, keep it as clean as possible and never bring the food that snakes love a lot. At the same time, use a Snake repellent spray on the campsite. These things will surely help you to make a tent snake-proof.

What Time of Day Are Snakes Most Active?

The snake usually sleeps at night and travels around the surfaces in the daytime. Therefore, in the daytime, mornings are the most active times for snakes.

Do Fake Owls Keep Snakes Away?

Fake owls have nothing to do with keeping the snakes away. In general, snakes usually love owls to eat as they are the natural predators for them. Hence, it would help if you never fell into this false representation.

Do Mothballs Keep Snakes Away?

Mothballs are effective in keeping the snakes away from you. When staying in camps, make sure to use the mothballs into the cracks and holes, which will help you keep them away from these areas.

How Do I Keep Snakes Away from My Campsite?

  • You need to select a snake-free camping location.
  • Make some noise as it creates fear in snakes and insists them stay away.
  • Never keep the surrounding of the campsite dirty with the leftover food; it will attract the bugs and other pesticides to come and eat it. At the same time, it insists the snakes come near to the campsite to eat the pesticides.
  • Don’t set up the camp near the rocks or water as these are the common places where snakes usually exist.

What Is the Best Area for a Snake-Free Campsite?

An empty land where you don’t see water or rocks as near to you are the best locations to set up the campsite as these are the places where snakes rarely come. Also, try to set up the camp on the location where the surface has short grass.

How Do I Treat a Snakebite?

First of all, tighten the area where the snake has bitten you so that the venom doesn’t spread to the whole body. After that, make sure to clean the bitten area with soap and water. Also, use a medicine that you bring along to cure snakebite and put ice cubes on it if it’s available.