Do You Really Need a Sleeping Mat for Camping?

Camping is a way to go around nature and spend some time out of the hustle city life. In this adventurous time, you won’t like to spend your time sleeping on a gunny mat. So why not include something special for sleeping which can add more comfort to your camping tour. 

Do you really need a sleeping mat for camping? A sleeping mat is a must-have camping gear that you need to take with you while camping. A sleeping mat is recommended for comfortable sleeping and insulates you from the ground. Especially, the sleeping mat is necessary to save yourself from cold on winter nights. During summer it may help you sleep outside from your camping tent. 

Do You Really Need a Sleeping Mat for Camping

There are multiple reasons why you should go with a sleeping pad. If have a heater, you may be thinking, do I need to bring a sleeping pad? Do the sleeping pad worth it? Want to know more, Keep reading. Here are some secret facts about sleeping pads that will blow your mind.

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Why Are Sleeping Mats Important for Camping?

Sleeping mats are important because they give you ease to relax after getting tired of all-day activities. Still, some more important factors may emphasize you add one to your camping checklist. 

1. Less in Weight and Easy to Carry

Probably everyone likes to add more camping gears to their checklist. But unfortunately, you can’t. Your backpack space is less, car trunk area is small, so you can only add a few things. Then we come to those items that are less in weight and easy to carry. This is where a sleeping mat takes an edge that you can add to your checklist. 

2. Small and Foldable

The camping sleeping mats are small and easy to fold. They are soft and flexible, so you can move around holding them on your hands or shoulders. The portable quality of sleeping mats makes them ideal for camping. 

3. Affordable Price

Price is also a major factor in buying camping gear. The sleeping mats usually come with fewer price tags with premium quality. So, there is no reason you miss one. 

4. Prevent Soreness

Camping is the name of discovering different places in your country and worldwide. So you can come into contact with hard grounds and mountains. This is where a sleeping mat is worth it. They give you an offer of unity to lay down comfortably. Make sure on uneven and rough surfaces before using a sleeping mat you make them even and smooth for a better experience. 

Can a Yoga Mat Be Used as a Sleeping Pad?

Yoga mats are not recommended to bring as a sleeping pad in camping. Yoga mats are less insulated and a poor substitute for sleeping. More often, they are small in size and not comfortable for sleeping. 

What Is the Difference Between a Yoga Mat and a Camping Mat?

Camping mats are manufactured by considering the sleeping needs of the users. They are large, easy to carry, soft and warm, well insulated, and thick. Yoga mats are less insulated, small, and not comfortable for sleeping. Yoga mats don’t give you warmth while sleeping in a tent on winter nights. 

Can You Use a Blanket as a Sleeping Pad?

A well-insulated and warm blanket can be used as a sleeping pad. Blankets can be an effective choice for summer and winter camping as they are soft and portable. 

Can a Sleeping Pad Be Too Warm?

Sleeping pads are meant to be used as ground mats, which prevent your body from interacting with the ground surface. If you are using a blanket sleeping on a pad, it may feel a little hotty but not enough, especially in winter when you need warmth. 

However, in summer, a combination of a sleeping pad and a blanket can be wrong. The weather in summer is hot and dry so you may feel too warm. 

Do You Need an Insulated Sleeping Pad in Summer?

The answer can vary according to the situation of the weather. Most probably, in summer, you need a less insulated sleeping pad because the weather outside is clear and dry. So there is no need for a well-insulated sleeping pad in summer. 

However, if you are camping in an area where the weather fluctuates, you can go with an insulated sleeping pad in summer. 

What Are the Different Types of Sleeping Pads?

Air pads, self-inflating pads, and closed-cell foam camping mats are the most common and popular sleeping pads. 

Air Pads:

The Air pads have extra insulation and a reflective surface to increase warmth; they are also lightweight and ideal for glamping. However, air pads are more expensive than other sleeping pads and can lose their air if the material fluctuates.

Self-Inflating Pads:

The self-inflating pads are made from air and open-cell foam insulation, making them compact and durable. You can adjust the firmness of the sleeping pad using the valve on the pad. They can be a bit heavier and can puncture or rip off, but they are comfortable on rainy nights.

Closed-Cell Foam Camping Mats:

Sleeping mats made of closed-cell foam are the most common type of camping mat. These mats are affordable, easy to carry, and well insulated. They can be carried anywhere without sustaining damage. However, these mats are less comfortable and bulkier than other forms of sleeping pads.

How to Choose the Sleeping Pad?

While choosing a sleeping pad, consider the following four elements; these may help you buy a good one. 

  • Intend to Use: Consider the camping type and buy according to the conditions.
  • Warmth (R-value): Higher R-value sleeping pads are warmer than less R-value sleeping pads. 
  • Sleeping System: Consider the elements you will use while sleeping, like bedding and blankets or a sleeping bag. 
  • Features: Buy a sleeping pad with less weight, perfect size, and inflation ease. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you have decided to take a sleeping mat along with your other camping gear. I suggest you choose a sleeping pad with an R-value of 1 in summer conditions. However, if you are camping in colder areas where the temperatures are low, you need a sleeping mat with an R-value of at least 5.