Is a Hammock More Comfortable Than a Bed?

Is a Hammock More Comfortable Than a Bed

Hammocks are good companions in any camping journey. You can enjoy the sunset, watch people surfing on the beach, hanging your hammock among the trees. The hammock can be used in the home backyard or parks; tie them with long palm trees.  Is a hammock more comfortable than a bed? Hammocks are more comfortable than … Read more

Do You Need Special Pots and Pans for Camping?

Do You Need Special Pots and Pans for Camping

Camping is a very exciting part, and if your food is not cooked properly, then it can be frustrating. If flames contact your pots and pans directly, they will damage the flavor of the food. So, it’s important to know whether you need special pots and pans for camping. Do you need special pots and … Read more

Can Camping Stoves Be Used Indoors?

Can Camping Stoves Be Used Indoors

A camping stove is one of the crucial elements you need in your camping adventure. A camping stove is a small item that is easy to carry in a backpack or car trunk. A camping stove is danger-free if used in the open air for cooking food faster.  Can camping stoves be used indoors? Using … Read more

Are Camping Chairs Necessary?

Are Camping Chairs Necessary

This is time to revolutionize your camping trips with a more comfortable chair. Camping is not all about going with your friends, playing, eating, sleeping, and coming home. It’s all about relaxation. You want to sit around alone, on the beach or mountains, enjoying nature. But do you have a comfortable camping chair to relax? … Read more

Do You Really Need a Sleeping Mat for Camping?

Do You Really Need a Sleeping Mat for Camping

Camping is a way to go around nature and spend some time out of the hustle city life. In this adventurous time, you won’t like to spend your time sleeping on a gunny mat. So why not include something special for sleeping which can add more comfort to your camping tour.  Do you really need … Read more

Should You Put a Tarp Under a Tent

When we visit the seashore or hilly areas, we keep a camp with us. During camping, there are chances of wet clothing and moisture inside the camping. To prevent these problems, we use a tarp under a tent or camp. To increase the tent’s durability and strength, you should put a 2-3 mm thick tarp … Read more

How to Keep Dew Off Your Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bags often get moisture by keeping these in the open sky. If there is a rainy season, the sleeping bag gets water and moisturizes the surface. Condensation is a natural process and we cannot neglect it during camping. It occurs due to a temperature change. When the outside temperature is low, the liquefaction … Read more

How to Keep Bedding Dry When Camping

People visit warm and cold places for enjoyment. When they are away from their homes, there is a need to set a dry camp for bedding. During the rainy season, keeping your bedding dry is hard. During a journey, we become tired. So, there is a need for rest when coming back to the campsite.  … Read more

How Do You Dry Wet Clothes When Backpacking

After a successful visit to a natural place, we dry our wet clothes. Wet clothes are necessary to dry because these can provide a site for fungal growth. So, dry the clothes completely. No dampness or moisture remains in them. You can dry out wet clothes when backpacking by putting them out of a bag … Read more

Are Sleeping Bags Comfortable

Sleeping bags are covered and folded synthetic bags and are necessary for sleeping in the required environment. It has a lightweight weight of approximately 2-3 kg and is applicable for both camping and travelling. It is almost close to zips. The purpose of using this in camping and travelling is to provide heat while sleeping … Read more