Are Sleeping Bag Liners Any Good

The sleeping bag is a well-covered and insulated bag that we can use during camping. The canon has many advantages. A sleeping bag liner is inevitable for sleeping in a barren land with no harm. It includes silk, a very light and flexible material. It increases the temperature while sleeping in a sleeping bag. 

A sleeping bag liner is helpful for camping and travelling. If there is cold weather, it keeps you hot. It contains a silky material that is very hot and durable. This material increases the durability and lifespan of sleeping bags. It saves your sleeping bag from damage if you keep it in an appropriate place. It keeps you comfortable.

I will explain the benefits, types, and different good uses of sleeping bag liners. I will explain the material and its temperature changes and rating. In my explanation, I will tell you how the sleeping bag is good or not. Let me explain.

Benefits of Sleeping Bags:

Sleeping bags are available in different qualities. These are economical and affordable for any hiker. Sleeping bags are beneficial during camping. There are the following benefits of sleeping bags;

  • Sleeping bags prevent moisture and condensation during sleeping.
  • These are helpful to keep dew off, and we can remain intact from water.
  • In a forest or a seashore, we use sleeping bags to prevent nasty animals.
  • The sheets of sleeping bags are thick and waterproof. So, there are no chances of insects or microbe’s entering. 
  • We can move around in a sleeping bag whilst sleeping.
  • These use our body heat to keep the air warm during sleep.
  • The sleeping bags have a warranty and there are no chances of decomposition due to high-quality synthetic material.
  • Sleeping bags provide extra bedding due to their sleek and satin material. 
  • Sleeping bags can activate the immune system due to proper sleep in them during the night.

Types of Sleeping Bags:

Sleeping bags have three types that depend on the season. There are the following types of sleeping bags;

  • Summer sleeping bags
  • Three seasonal sleeping bags
  • Summer-winter sleeping bags
  • Other several types are;
  • Zipless sleeping bags
  • Double sleeping bags
  • Sleeping bags for men and women
  • Down sleeping bags
  • Synthetic sleeping bags
  • Rectangular and semi-rectangular sleeping bags

Sleeping bag liners are helpful accessories. First, I will tell you about the materials of sleeping bag liner and their importance. 


Silk is one of the most used materials in sleeping bag liners. The reason behind this is that.

  • It is light in weight.
  • It provides more heat as compared to its weighting. 
  • It sucks the moisture from the body.
  • If you use silk sleeping bag liners, it keeps your body dry and soft.

The only disadvantage of this is that it is too costly, and you don’t wash it using a washing machine.


Fibre’s liners provide a comfortable area for good sleep. These are hotter liners as compared to silk liners. These are not too costly and, you can wash a fibre liner by using a washing machine. There is a disadvantage of it that its weight is heavy as compared to silk liners.


Thermal liners provide more heat as compared to the above two liners. Mostly, these liners are helpful in cold places or winter. These liners increase your sleeping bag temperature.

Why Sleeping Bag Liners Are Good:

Because of the following benefits, sleeping bag liners are better options for camping and travelling. 

Keep Hot:

Sleeping bag liners are necessary stuff that provides an extra amount of temperature to your sleeping bag. It increases your sleeping bag temperature. As already, sleeping bags have insulated layers of hot materials. So, liners increase the thickness of outside insulation and increase temperature and keep you warm. 


The second purpose of sleeping bag liners is that it protects your sleeping bag. You can place it between your body and your sleeping bag. So, it protects the sleeping bag from all types of body moisture and dirt. It increases the safety and durability of the sleeping bag.

Easily Washable: 

Sleeping bag liners are easily washable except silk liners. Silk liners are not able to wash in the machine. All others like cotton and fibre liners are washable by using a washing machine. Due to the use of silk and fibre materials, we can dry liners effectively.


The sleeping bag liners are low in weight. Their weight is up to 250g and their packing is easy. You can easily pick it anywhere too. It surrounds very little space in your packing bag.

Moisture Absorber: 

As sleeping bag liners material is silk and fibres, these liners absorb moisture from your body. You can dry your sweaty body when you back from your camping. 

It saves your body from dirt. Due to the above reasons, the use of sleeping bag liners is good. Now I will explain that sleeping liners are not good in some complex situations.

When Sleeping Bag Liners Are Not Good:

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage of using sleeping bag liners is that it increases the temperature that can disturb your body temperature, especially in summer. It is not good to use a sleeping bag liner in summer with a sleeping bag. I say with a sleeping bag. Understand my words. In summer, without a sleeping bag, you can use it. 

In the season of rain or if you want to go hiking, then liner is not beneficial. It does not keep your bag safe and dry. In this situation, it’s not a valuable accessory. You should bring extra clothes with you during camping or hiking. 

The weight of liners decides the hotness ratio. Heavyweight liners provide more warmth than lightweight sleeping bag liners. Make sure the type of your trip, then according to your trip place and venue, take your luggage.


A sleeping bag liner is stuff that is suitable for sleeping. It has worldwide availability. You can buy it anywhere according to your choice. My suggestion is that while going to dry camping, take a sleeping bag liner with you. If you are going to a rainy hiking and sweaty camping, keep extra clothes with sleeping bag liners.