Should You Put a Tarp Under a Tent

When we visit the seashore or hilly areas, we keep a camp with us. During camping, there are chances of wet clothing and moisture inside the camping. To prevent these problems, we use a tarp under a tent or camp. To increase the tent’s durability and strength, you should put a 2-3 mm thick tarp … Read more

How to Keep Dew Off Your Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bags often get moisture by keeping these in the open sky. If there is a rainy season, the sleeping bag gets water and moisturizes the surface. Condensation is a natural process and we cannot neglect it during camping. It occurs due to a temperature change. When the outside temperature is low, the liquefaction … Read more

How to Keep Bedding Dry When Camping

People visit warm and cold places for enjoyment. When they are away from their homes, there is a need to set a dry camp for bedding. During the rainy season, keeping your bedding dry is hard. During a journey, we become tired. So, there is a need for rest when coming back to the campsite.  … Read more

How Do You Dry Wet Clothes When Backpacking

After a successful visit to a natural place, we dry our wet clothes. Wet clothes are necessary to dry because these can provide a site for fungal growth. So, dry the clothes completely. No dampness or moisture remains in them. You can dry out wet clothes when backpacking by putting them out of a bag … Read more

Are Sleeping Bags Comfortable

Sleeping bags are covered and folded synthetic bags and are necessary for sleeping in the required environment. It has a lightweight weight of approximately 2-3 kg and is applicable for both camping and travelling. It is almost close to zips. The purpose of using this in camping and travelling is to provide heat while sleeping … Read more

Are Sleeping Bag Liners Any Good

The sleeping bag is a well-covered and insulated bag that we can use during camping. The canon has many advantages. A sleeping bag liner is inevitable for sleeping in a barren land with no harm. It includes silk, a very light and flexible material. It increases the temperature while sleeping in a sleeping bag.  A … Read more